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While DeFi games have been evolving fast, their level of complexity still represents a major obstacle to mainstream adoption. The time it takes to understand a new game, combined with the financial commitment required upfront takes away from the experience. 

Defiance makes it easier to start by helping you pick the right game and setting up your account so you can focus on making progress. We lend you a team, you rule the metaverse. 

Matches Made In Heaven

Are you a killer, an achiever, an explorer or a socializer? Based on your gaming profile, a carefully curated selection of games will be offered to you.


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Build Your Portfolio With Ease

We perform due diligence and curate AAA games in partnership with industry veterans.  Gaming assets acquired in their early stages of funding then create opportunities for new entrants to earn passive income with ease thanks to our investor-friendly packages.  

Example of Pools: 

  • Blue chip: stable, established games
  • Cyclical: follows the market
  • Growth: faster than average growth / earnings
  • Defensive: consistent and stable regardless of market
  • Dividend: focused on yield generation
  • Speculative: riskier but greater unrealized potential
Multiply Your Rewards 

The loyalty program incentivizes users to maximize their use of the platform. Your proof of activity on the blockchain is used to determine your points and status. You can earn extra points by participating in beta tests, curating games, writing reviews, staking your earnings and more. 

The higher your status and participation score for a given period, the more chances you have to win desirable rewards. 

Example Rewards:

  • Free NFTs 
  • Free in-game currencies
  • Upgrade vouchers 
  • Platform swag
Come Back For More

Access events, free content, bounties, item trading and more, whether you’re already sponsored or not. In true free-to-play fashion, all members can earn tokens, level up, visualize their progress and unlock benefits. 

Appointment Mechanics:

  • Bounties
  • Contests
  • Multiplier events
  • Staking
  • Tournaments
  • Monthly leaderboards
  • Badges & Achievements
Bring Your Friends 

Earn tokens through our referral program. Players who invite their friends to the platform will receive tokens every time their referees earn tokens. Any user can invite friends to the platform. 

2.5% of all referees’ earnings are shared with their referrer. Referrers can accumulate an unlimited number of referees. Referees can, in their turn, also invite new users – earning them 1% ongoing commission.

Join the white list to snatch some tokens before everyone else:

Defiance brings you the best play to earn games in the metaverse, for free. Sign up now, pick your favorite game and we’ll hook you up.

Not a huge fan of crypto? No problem. We’ll transfer your earnings in the currency of your choice.

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