What is the Defiance token?

The primary purpose of the Defiance token is to enable our community to finance and benefit from our activities while solving some inherent problems within the crypto industry and the Play-to-Earn revenue model.

Players suffer from the volatility of their earnings. Many of them are not professional investors and are not sure how to maximize their returns. 

As to liquidity providers and crypto investors, they may be willing to benefit from the explosive growth currently seen in the play to earn industry without having to put these assets to work themselves.

This rapid growth and the sheer number of projects to keep track of to find valuable investments can be anxiety inducing even for experienced traders. Both of these problems will be solved through our Defiance token.

Join the white list to snatch some tokens before everyone else:

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Not a huge fan of crypto? No problem. We’ll transfer your earnings in the currency of your choice.

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