Starting as an ERC20 token

Defiance is built on the ERC20 scripting standard, which is used for all smart contracts on the Ethereum network. ERC20 defines the rules an Ethereum token or smart contract must follow as well as the steps necessary to be implemented.

ERC20 has been a dominant pathway for the creation of new tokens in the cryptocurrency space for some time.

The initial focus

The Defiance team is currently focusing on acquiring new players, managers, ambassadors and game specialists. We are also purchasing gaming assets and developing incentives such as levels, rewards, tournaments and leaderboards for players.

In order to make our vision come true, we need to include asset owners and everyday investors as well, so that they too can benefit from the play-to-earn revolution.  

With the Metaverse gold rush well underway, a lot of experiments are bound to fail. Our reviews, ratings and referral features create virality and social proof.

Defiance staking pool

In order to incentivize pledging assets to Defiance, asset providers will receive variable rewards as a percentage of players’ earnings. These assets will need to be locked in for a specific period matching players’ payment schedule (min. 15 days). 

Smart liquidity pool

Defiance tokens will act as shares of a weighted index fund like an S&P 500, gaming edition. Compared to existing guilds, having a varied gaming portfolio creates diversity, broadens the exposure and lowers the risks and barrier of entry for liquidity providers. The value of the tokens mirror the markup of the entire fund.

The Defiance Smart Liquidity Pool will be professionally managed with constant reallocation based on trends and market conditions. 

Fees paid to Defiance as funds manager provide an additional source of income to de-risk our own activities and create a network effect, as well as to reward liquidity providers, of course.

The network effect and accrued interests from the Liquidity Pool could also create an ideal ecosystem for new game launches and allow Defiance to effectively diversify and scale at an even lower cost while acting as an affiliate providing access to active players to newcomers in the P2E world.

In short, all gaming assets work  double time.

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