Deathroad Racing

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DeathRoad (DRACE)

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This is a paradise for players to freely create and build city according to their own ideas, a place that can provide all the features that players need such as Property, Rental car, Garage, etc. In addition, in the city of Deathroad, players can also join other play areas to earn profits such as “Battle mode” – where players can use the unique feature – “Race to Earn” to earn more profit; or “Marketplace”, where they can trade with other players.

About Deathroad Racing

Deathroad aims to become the first metaverse racing game on BSC, a comprehensive gaming ecosystem built for next generation racers, who utilize racing skills to enjoy the real racing expericence and to earn tradable valuable digital assets.

Raptor Capital has been leading the fundraising for the project so far, alongside the other large reputable blockchain venture capitalists such as IceTea Labs, Everse Capital, Magnus Capital, x21 and Metrix Capital.

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